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What is Raw Storytelling?

Do you want to share your vulnerability? We want to hear it.

At Raw Storytelling Toronto we love stories about funny things that happened to us, but we're really about the big things that happened to us, the things that make us vulnerable, the things that make us...Raw, if you will.


Do you suffer with anxiety? Does the idea of public speaking make you want to stay home and hide under the bed? Us too! But we’re here to beat anxiety, one vulnerable story at a time.

Raw’s founder, Rachel, has a lifelong anxiety disorder and is learning to live with it and share what it’s like to live with it by using storytelling.

Listen to Rachel's interview on CBC Here and Now, here: 

Stories make up our lives. They shape our lives and change our lives. We're here for that experience and hope you will join us on our storytelling journey. 

Whether you are brand new to storytelling or have been doing this for a while, we want to hear from you.

If you’ve never done this you might be thinking: What if I am not good enough? What if my story isn’t good enough? What if I try and fail? We totally get what that voice in your head feels like. But trust us, Feel the Fear…And Do It Anyway. You will thank yourself afterwards – and that voice of doubt will get a little quieter.

​PS you are good enough.

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