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**SOLD OUT** Email: to be on the waitlist and to be the first to hear about future events and workshops.

Want to be a better storyteller?


We tell stories every day. In the office, in presentations, on dates and to friends and family.


Our stories are important. They give a voice to who we are. They can help us build strong relationships and be more effective in our jobs – and they can be just plain entertaining and fun. We all know how connected we feel when someone tells a really good story. But this doesn’t come easily to many people. We don’t always engage our audience as effectively as we could. We ramble, lose track of what we are saying or falter – and our body language quite often tells a different story than what we are trying to say. It could be nerves – it could be not knowing how to structure a strong beginning, middle and end – and, it can be even harder if you tend to suffer from anxiety.


You have a story – many in fact – and you can learn to tell them with increased ease. That’s where Storytelling for Anxiety comes in.


What is Storytelling for Anxiety?


It's a course that will help you become a more effective, engaging and confident storyteller – whether you want to strengthen your interpersonal skills or get on stage and tell your story to an audience. We meet for three hours on Sundays over a four-week period.  Working in a safe and confidential space, you will learn:

  • the fundamentals of storytelling

  • what makes a good story

  • how to find your story

  • how to structure your story

  • the writing and editing process

  • how to tell your story – including stage and performance techniques that will help give it the punch it needs to be impactful and engaging.


What makes this different from a regular storytelling class is that we will also focusing on anxiety and how to manage it.


Even if you don’t wish to pursue storytelling at the end of the course, these skills will help you improve presentation techniques and tell better stories to loved ones.


What do you need to know before you sign up?


While we will be focusing on anxiety when it comes to storytelling and public speaking, please note this is NOT a therapy group.


Course details:


Dates: March 22nd, March 29th, April 4th, April 11th. 11am-2pm

Location: Cahoots Theatre, Queen and Parliament 

Accessibility: Venue is fully accessible, including the washroom


Who is your instructor?


Hi. I’m Rachel O’Connor (she/her). I’m a LGBTQ+ immigrant from the UK. I created – and now produce and host – Raw Storytelling, a show based in Toronto that features stories with a common thread of vulnerability. We showcase storytellers from a wide range of backgrounds – whose stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always moving and inspiring.


I have lived with an anxiety disorder all my life. Growing up I never would have seen myself as someone who would get on stage and tell a story – never mind a personal story that means I need to allow myself to be vulnerable. And never mind actually create a storytelling show. I’ve come a long way in learning ways to manage my anxiety, and storytelling has certainly played a big part in this.


Beyond my passion for storytelling? I have 12 years of experience working in the corporate world which sometimes finds me presenting to global audiences. I have to admit this still makes me sweaty and anxious – and I can safely say I am an expert in dry-mouth speaking.


You can have a look at what people I have worked with have to say about me here:

How do I sign up?

Discount code before March 13th: Early_Bird_SFA

Link to sign up: NOW SOLD OUT

PS. If you feel anxious about signing up then we get it! Push yourself, you will be proud later. 


Want to get an idea of what to expect?


You can listen to Rachel on iHeartRadio talking about Storytelling for Anxiety, here:

Or on CBC radio talking about Raw and telling a story, here:

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