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What are people saying about us?

The testimonials below are from audience members and from storytellers that have been on the show. 

Collette FB 1.png

"My passion is story. Story that reveals the vulnerability and passion of an individual that will resonate days later in an audience member's mind and soul. Every Raw Storytelling event does just that. It resonates. It stirs. It inspires."

Collette Micks, Storytelling Teacher, The Second City 

Erin fb 2.jpg

I love storytelling, I do it as my job. But I'll tell you a secret: every time I do a show I am TERRIFIED and want to drop out at the last minute. "Raw Storytelling" is the first show where I didn't want to do that. I felt safe and comfortable sharing any kind of story. Rachel and her team took care of both me as a storyteller and as an audience member and created a beautiful, intimate space full of laughter, tears and wonderful stories.

Erin Rodgers, Storyteller, Speaking Coach and creator of storytelling show Storystar

Jen portrait 2017.jpg

Performing at Raw was a tremendous experience for me. The team worked with me directly to make the story the best it could be and are a wonderful addition to the storytelling community. For anyone who has a story that is deeply personal and needs the extra courage and support to take it to the stage, Rachel and the Raw team will help you make it happen.

Jennifer Venner, Author 

Buzz photo 1.jpg

Raw Storytelling events are such a beautiful celebration of sharing. If you haven’t been to a Raw Story Telling event, you should get to one and see what it’s all about.
There is a kindness in the room, it’s almost like a community is created as soon as you walk in. Genuine kindness and excellent entertainment.
I love that the events are in a bar, as I love a glass of wine while I listen or I can go early and have a drink or snack. It’s a really great night out with a friend.
A generous night put on by a wonderfully friendly MC and hosts.
It’s a chilled vibe and I always leave with a great thought, inspiration, take-away that leaves me thinking about the stories days and weeks later.
Thank you Rachel at Raw for providing the space for the storytellers to share and for us, the audience to to feel included and of course entertained.

Buzz Johnson, Regular Raw attendee 

Ali photo 1.png

Although I’d been a fan of storytelling podcasts for years, I’d never been to a live show before RAW - and I was instantly hooked! RAW showcases a range of both experienced storytellers and newbies, and provides a safe, supportive space for people to face their fears. My wife encouraged me to try my hand at it, despite my lifelong anxiety surrounding public speaking, and Rachel (Raw's creator) helped to ensure that both my story and I were as stage-ready as possible! It was so empowering to face my fears and feel part of the storytelling community, that I went back and tried it a second time! 

Allyson Scott, Photographer and Storytelling Newbie 

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