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Not sure how to brainstorm an idea?

If you’re new to this you might not think you have a story, but everyone has at least one amazing story to tell.

Try this: 

  1. Create a list of 10 Things You've Wanted In Your Life (Childhood-Adulthood) (60 seconds)

  2. Choose ONE Want– Create a list of 5 Obstacles You Faced To Fulfilling That Desire (60 seconds)

  3. Choose one Obstacle – Create a list of 5 Solutions You Tried for Overcoming That Obstacle (regardless of whether you succeeded in achieving the want!) (60 seconds)

If you went back and explored every Desire/Obstacle/Solution combination, you would end up with 1000 POSSIBLE STORIES.


Remember this, anytime you tell yourself “I have no stories to tell.”

Clustering is also another great way to brainstorm. More info here:

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