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Want to tell a story on Raw? 

Then we want to hear from you!

Whether it's your first story or you're an experienced storyteller. All are welcome here at Raw. 

Not sure what to expect? Have a listen to Rachel's CBC Here and Now interview, here: 

Here’s what you need to know before pitching:

- You must have been to at least one Raw show and introduced yourself to Rachel

- Your story must be true and must be told, not read

- It should be 5-7 mins in length - although we love short and impactful stories too! Still pitch if you have a shorter story.

- We love stand-up, but if you're looking to practice comedy on stage then we're not quite right for you. We're looking for big stories about love, life, loss; where the teller is giving something and is vulnerable and Raw.

- Make sure you have processed your story and have enough emotional distance to tell it on stage. By this, we mean you should have processed the memory you are recalling and feel comfortable sharing it with a crowd.

How to pitch:

- Email us your full story at

- If you're new to this and only have a draft right now then that's okay! We will work with you on getting it ready for a future show

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